Our Story

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

Our story began in the richly endowed continent of Africa.

Second only to Asia in population and size, Africa’s mostly young and vibrant 1.2 Billion people occupy a massive land area of over 30 Million square kilometres.  The land and climate are highly conducive to agriculture; it has been said that Africa has the potential to feed the world. Africa has the richest concentration of natural resources with up to 30% of the earth’s resources found in the continent; the world’s biggest precious metal reserves are also found in Africa. In addition, natural disasters are minimal.

But the rich endowments notwithstanding, Africa lags behind in development and remains home to the world’s poorest people. In 2018, the World Poverty Clock reported that Africa’s most populous nation took over from India as the World’s poverty capital. Africa also has the highest number of out-of-school children Sub-Saharan Africans still suffer the highest maternal deaths, while Eastern and Southern African countries record the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS.

In the light of Africa’s potentials, vis-à-vis the subpar growth and development, a myriad problems beg for answers; yet, few seem to have the courage to dare. Africa’s problems presented to us a world of possibilities. We understand that nothing is impossible, it only takes courage, strong will and unwavering dedication. Prestige Intercontinental was born out of this understanding; we decided to join the leading lot to solve the problems of Africa and the world, create value and make wealth for the upcoming generation.


Commercial Manufacturing/Production of LPG Gas Cylinder & Affordable Stove in partnership with select State Governments.


Complete Knocked Down assembly plant for agricultural equipment and machines in partnership with some state governments, international organizations and patent technology owners.


Cash crop production assisted programme for farmers in local communities, with focus on rice, wheat, sorghum, guinea corn, garlic and soya beans.