Why We Exist

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

World over, the spate of problems faced by twenty-first century economies are growing.

With population explosion and exponential advance in technology, world economies have to grapple with new kinds of challenges of diverse dimensions. The World Economic Forum in 2016 highlighted the biggest global challenges to include Agriculture & Food Security, Health, Climate Change & Pollution, Unemployment, the Internet, Access to Finance, Global Trade & Investment. These challenges are felt the hardest in developing economies where economic indices and ratings are least satisfactory.

Ironically, seeded within the challenges are opportunities for economic growth and wealth creation. There is clearly a positive relationship between the growth of world challenges and opportunities. In 2018, The World Investment Report by UNCTAD reveals that global Foreign Direct Investment reached their all-time high in the second decade of the twenty-first century. Africa, Asia and the Middle East are fertile grounds for these investments, and projections show continuous steady increase. This rise in global opportunities is why Prestige exists.

We are here to aggressively identify opportunities for economic growth, organize resources (material and nonmaterial) to exploit those opportunities while focusing on innovative problem solving and value creation.


Gas Distribution, Storage and Transportation Systems.

Oil & Gas

Gas pipeline construction and operation.

Oil & Gas

Production of Medical Oxygen, Surgical Nitrogen, Oxygen Acetylene and Applicable Cylinder.