Sectoral Work

Mineral Exploration

With focus on the African market, our efforts in mining are directed towards increased local participation, finding/creating new markets, exports, and partnerships for advanced operations.


Global healthcare is a booming market. The experience of our team within the sector provides a solid background for effective venture and investment covering child nutrition, drug research, medical supplies and interventions in endemic and pandemic diseases like Malaria, Cancer and HIV/AIDS.


The agro sector’s strategic position cannot be underplayed. Companies of the future are the ones currently positioned in agro related services. Our work in the sector concerns infrastructure development, equipment, food production and raw materials.

Real Estate

Sustainable housing ranks tops in the order of major world focus. Our efforts within the sector focus on meeting today’s needs without jeopardizing the future of upcoming generations. This approach undergirds our ventures in construction, development, management and mass provision.


Clean and renewable energy are major concerns world over. Our work within this sector covers research, development and exploration of alternatives. We birth and invest into ventures within the Energy sector and equip entrepreneurs with skill, resources and information to facilitate enterprise development.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector portends opportunities in billions of dollars. Our diverse work within the sector is carried out by subsidiaries operating in Gas Cylinder production, Gas Pipeline Services (storage, transportation, and distribution), Medical Gas production (Oxygen & Nitrogen), as well as Acetylene production.


Gas pipeline construction and operation.

Oil & Gas

Entrepreneurship and skill acquisition training programme on solar energy enterprise for youths in Northern Nigeria.


Complete Knocked Down assembly plant for agricultural equipment and machines in partnership with some state governments, international organizations and patent technology owners.